About Me

From New Scotland Yard in February 2019

I love live events, music and radio.

There is nothing quite like a festival site full of excitement, of opportunity, and of like-minded people ready to have the best day they can. There is nothing quite like music – Spotify’s end of year Spotify Rewind campaign tells me just how many days non-stop I listen to music. And there is nothing quite like radio; from introducing Taylor Swift on-stage at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend to just being a caller, I know where my dreams lie and highly welcome anyone who might be able to make them happen to say hello!

I also love telling stories.

Whether that is me telling stories about my life on YouTube, which I did once to commemorate the release of Love Simon in cinemas, or through my story-telling on Instagram – I love being able to share my unrealistically-positive outlook on life.

I’m a B.A. (Hons) Journalism graduate from Brunel University London!

Brunel was a dynamic, diverse, and thriving campus with many opportunities to grab – I made the most of my time (and my £9,250 yearly fees) and suggest to anyone studying at university to do the same.

Presenting the Brunel Mini Open Day live to thousands of online viewers in December 2018. If you promise not to laugh or get bored, you can watch it here!

I held positions across the University such as:

  • Chair of Student Assembly, elected in a cross-campus ballot
  • Department Representative and Course Representative in Years 1 and 2
  • Project Lead on a chatbot to modernise how students get in touch with the University for a variety of reasons
  • STEM Ambassador, Student Ambassador, ENTS Staff and Social Media Ambassador
  • Silver Brunel Volunteers Award in 2017, Gold Brunel Volunteers Award in 2018 and 2019

Before studying at University, I used to be the Head Boy of Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys!

I was tasked with representing a student body of over 1,200 boys and, in the sixth form, girls – it was an honour. I helped to ensure that the Head Boy represented, and was reachable, by the entire school – not just the Sixth Form, as was the case before.

And before Langton, I used to study at Barton Court.

From the Headteacher herself, I learnt how not to treat people – seeing teachers who I respected cry into their desks because of her actions taught me another aspect of life I didn’t quite expect to learn about at the age of 16.


I love live events, music and radio.

They’re my three main passions that I’ve found work with from an early age. Since the age of 14, I’ve worked with 13 different event brands in the UK and beyond. In 2016, I listened to music for approximately 79.82 days non-stop. My proudest achievement to date is introducing Taylor Swift at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in front of 25,000 people.