There’s no feeling like watching a crowd lose themselves to music. Nothing. Watching a friend, colleague, or random member of the public in uncontainable musical lust is an incredible feeling. Even more so, it feels euphoric knowing that you contributed, in some way, shape or form, to their experience. I’m so lucky to have, throughout this summer, witnessed that sensation repeatedly – I was blessed to have spent this summer working for Festival Republic.

It frustrates me when my generation, Generation Z, are called ‘lazy’. There was a month-long period, as I went from festival-to-festival, project-to-project, and job-to-job, I didn’t have a single lay-in. Not a day where I slept beyond 8am. I loved it, don’t get me wrong – but that was certainly far from the ‘lazy’ assumption about myself inherited through my membership of Generation Z.

I can’t really write more than that, due to contractual obligations and professional reasons. I just wanted to publically express, to whoever may read this, that this industry is like no other. I have been absolutely blessed to have experienced the joy of working at Longitude in Dublin, Reading in… Reading, and Lollapalooza in Berlin – as well as attend Community Festival, Wireless Festival and work on, outside of Festival Republic, Pride in London’s Parade.


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