The Brunel Chat Bot

What is Brubot?

I’m currently working with my university, Brunel University London, on a student engagement project I devised with the shortened title of Brubot. A Messenger chat bot developed using the development platform ChatfuelBrubot aims to consolidate every service a student will need during their time at Brunel.
Using an integration through a custom-made API to the University’s data held on SITS, the bot can also engage in two-way, targeted conversation with students based on their course, their College, their age, their location, and more.

Screenshot of 'Brubot' (w/t) in action

What services does Brubot currently include?

The initial services that I’ve on-boarded to the bot ready for launch are:

  • Accommodation Services / Estates
  • Security
  • Taught Programme Offices
  • Academic Support
  • Disability and Dyslexia Service
  • Student Welfare
  • Nightline
  • Brunel Medical Centre

I’m looking forward to, once the cogs are fully rolling, introducing the world to a project I’ve really put a lot of effort into.

How is the project funded?

Brunel, through the Student Change Maker programme lead by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Bill Leahy, are funding this project fully. I maintain ownership and am licensing it to them for free for 99 years.